Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Year End Review and 2011 Goals

At the beginning of 2010 I posted my goals here. Here is a review of what was or wasn't accomplished:
1. Sewed window treatments for the dining room and family room ( unplanned)
2. Crochet a bag ( planned)
3. Made a jacket, as a result I have a TNT jacket pattern (planned)
4. Made 2- skirts here and here (unplanned)
5. Worked on TNT dress/blouse muslin. I still have to do minor tweaking, however, its a winner, I have a basic dress/blouse sloper (unplanned)
6. Spent time with the fabulous Omega and met up with two great sewing sisters- Carolynn and Sheila (unplanned)
7. Spent a Saturday with friends- pattern review in August (unplanned)
8. Sewed from my stash (planned) jacket, skirts and window treatments
9. Continue to work and improve my sewing skills
10. Bought a 1929 vintage Singer sewing machine
11. Attended a sewing class with Connie Crawford

Not Accomplished
1. I did not work on any unfinished project
2 Did not work on pants
3. Although I did sew from my stash, it was a small amount
4. I spent too much money on fabric.

As 2010 end, I have a sense of satisfaction regarding my accomplishments. I did not sew many garments, however the few pieces I sewed were sewn using vintage techniques including some tailoring techniques (jacket) and they fit my body perfectly.

My Sewing Goals for 2011

Sew the following:
Priority: To finish UFO in my sewing room
1. Skirts- 4
2. Dresses- 2
3. Jackets- 1
4. Simple Tops-
5. Pants- 1
6. Craft- Projects
7. Take a sewing class

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Holidays

This is a photo of the Xmas tree (last year) in my living room. I have two Xmas tress for my living room, a big tree and a table top tree. This year I am using the tabletop tree. I have a total of 10 Xmas trees. Each room has a different team.

Let me give you a brief idea of I got started.
December 1994 my son was 10-months old and it was his first Xmas. I wanted new decorations and I could not afford to buy new decorations nor did I have a lot of money to buy gifts. I watched Martha Stewart’s and other craft show on TV and came up with the idea to make a gingerbread theme. I bought $3.00 of camel color felt, brown embroidery floss, batting and made the ornaments on the tree below. In addition to the ornaments I used brown paper bags from the grocery store and wrapped empty gift boxes, drew and painted more of the gingerbread dolls on the gift boxes. I save the ornaments and boxes until 1996 when I loaned the ornaments to family member; they were returned in 2008. I don’t know what happened to the gift boxes. So last year was the first time I re-decorate a tree in the gingerbread theme. As you can see in the picture below I found red bags with the gingerbread theme. I am going to change the red bags to brown bags later.

This was my starting point; in 1996 I came up with a second theme; gold angels. I bought gold plastic angels after Xmas, and painted their faces to suit my decor. Know it takes me approximately 2-3-years to develop a theme; from the ornaments on the tree to decorating the mantle over the fireplace etc.

In 1999 I started the third theme Santa Claus. I made the ornaments out of recycled brown paper bags from the grocery store. I drew the faces and painted and glittered each one. I probable made 75-100 medium to large ornaments. Just like the gingerbread ornaments, I loaned them out in 2004 and the rest is history. My friend could not find the ornaments, and finally I was able to get them back in 2006; however they were flattened and essentially needed a little work to bring them back. After all the work it took to create the Santa Claus ornaments, I just did not feel like being bother. I was in A.C. Moore after Xmas and I found ceramic Santa Claus faces that you can paint and decorate for 60% off. That was 4-years ago.
As a result of not having the Santa Claus ornaments in 1996 I bought string of pearls at the RagShop for pennies and strung my living room tree with lots of pearls like garland and that was how the fourth theme was started: crystal/clear. Since then this tree took on a life of its own. I started buying clear ornaments, crystals including Swarovski crustal. I have one of kind ornaments from cheap to somewhat pricey. Last year I added lots of clear balls. This is a versatile theme because you can add a small amount of color to the tree with little effort.

In 2004, my sister bought me a white Xmas tree. I bought a large urn, and use it as the base of the white tree and placed the tree in the dining room. This was theme #5 Apples, Pears with a touch of red. Again I went to the Rag Shop Xmas eve and bought reddish/burgundy/goldish pears and apples and decorated the tree.

In 2007 I redecorated my dining room and decided to buy a largeee Xmas tree and decorated the tree in a green; theme #6. I found the most beautiful ornaments at Crate and Barrel, Jo-Ann's and other places including discount stores.
I also started theme #7- the kitchen tree. This tree was decorated with stainless steel pot & pan I bought at Toys R US, including rolling pins, utensils etc.

Last year I decide to add a Xmas tree in the back porch/laundry room, guest bathroom.

I have two more Xmas tress on the front porch, one in bay window and one in the front porch. One more, the foyer….. I started a collecting ornaments for a Kwanzaa/Ethnic theme. I have been working on this idea for the at lease 13-years. Maybe next year?

This is a lot of work, and this year I decided to streamline the decorations and not put up so many trees. I will like to spend my holiday time enjoying the holidays with family, visiting friends,and making plans for the approaching new year.


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