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Year End Review and 2011 Goals

At the beginning of 2010 I posted my goals here. Here is a review of what was or wasn't accomplished:
1. Sewed window treatments for the dining room and family room ( unplanned)
2. Crochet a bag ( planned)
3. Made a jacket, as a result I have a TNT jacket pattern (planned)
4. Made 2- skirts here and here (unplanned)
5. Worked on TNT dress/blouse muslin. I still have to do minor tweaking, however, its a winner, I have a basic dress/blouse sloper (unplanned)
6. Spent time with the fabulous Omega and met up with two great sewing sisters- Carolynn and Sheila (unplanned)
7. Spent a Saturday with friends- pattern review in August (unplanned)
8. Sewed from my stash (planned) jacket, skirts and window treatments
9. Continue to work and improve my sewing skills
10. Bought a 1929 vintage Singer sewing machine
11. Attended a sewing class with Connie Crawford

Not Accomplished
1. I did not work on any unfinished project
2 Did not work on pants
3. Although I did sew from my stash, it was a sma…

Happy Holidays

This is a photo of the Xmas tree (last year) in my living room. I have two Xmas tress for my living room, a big tree and a table top tree. This year I am using the tabletop tree. I have a total of 10 Xmas trees. Each room has a different team.

Let me give you a brief idea of I got started.
December 1994 my son was 10-months old and it was his first Xmas. I wanted new decorations and I could not afford to buy new decorations nor did I have a lot of money to buy gifts. I watched Martha Stewart’s and other craft show on TV and came up with the idea to make a gingerbread theme. I bought $3.00 of camel color felt, brown embroidery floss, batting and made the ornaments on the tree below. In addition to the ornaments I used brown paper bags from the grocery store and wrapped empty gift boxes, drew and painted more of the gingerbread dolls on the gift boxes. I save the ornaments and boxes until 1996 when I loaned the ornaments to family member; they were returned in 2008. I don’t know what ha…