Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Look 6808

I wrote about this pattern here; then the holidays came and I put the project aside. I started working on the pattern in March, and instead of picking up where I left off, for some unknown reason I started new muslin. This is a bad and frustrating habit of mine and it’s the reason why I am not productive. I have a sewing dairy with photos and notes, after reviewing the dairy I realize that many of the muslin I’ve made fit my body well; however I have a problem with perfectionism when it comes to sewing and instead of working with a muslin that have an acceptable fit; I try to perfect a muslin that don’t need to be perfected and instead I waist a lot of time, and become frustrated. New Look was a perfect example. I had an acceptable muslin here instead I decided that I wanted a center back zipper and made a mess of the whole thing. After much work I am happy with the fit. My biggest problem was fitting the back pattern due to a swayback, short upper back, a narrow back and too much fullness in the pattern. Below is the result Next I going to sew this up in fabric.

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