Monday, July 4, 2011

The little black dress

This is a photo of my girlfriend and I. We attended a wedding yesterday July 3. It was at the Liberty Marina in Liberty State Park. It was spectacular. The bride gown was simple, elegant and vintage. The bride maids wore cocktail length dresses made of chiffon with cascading layer in eggplant and the maid of honor wore the same style dress in a soft lavender. It was a sad and at the same time a beautiful affair. It was sad because the bride's mother died a year and half ago and she was a special person and a friend. The ceremony was simple and beautiful and the cocktail hour was fabulous. The weeding reception was a blast. My knees hurt from dancing. The dress is a simple black strapless dress embroidered with silk ribbon. I bought the dress six years ago because I was planning to attend a wedding in the Bahamas. Well in the end I did not go to the Bahamas for the wedding and this dress hang in my closet until yesterday. Well I wanted to write this post before going to bed. it is 2am folks time to take this dress off and go to sleep. Have a wonderful 4th of July.


Linda L said...

Lovely dress!

Sheila said...

Both of you look fabulous.... have a great July 4th.

Rosie said...

You look great! I hope you recovered!

Cennetta said...

All right sexy mamas. You and your girlfriend look glamorous. 100 yards of new fabric to add to the collection. Wow! Wow! Sorry to hear about your machine acting up. But after almost ten years and steady sewing, it's bound to happen. One of mine quit on me last night. I'm glad I have two. So while one is being fixed I can continue sewing on the other.

Well, my friend, it's good to see that you are blogging again. Take care.

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