Saturday, February 26, 2011

February Recap

Chase's quilt and pillows.

Here is Oxana my new Roxy dress form. I padded her up to be close to my measurements and I realize that I love some weight and I am one dress size smaller.

Here is Oxana fully padded with grainlines added to make altering patterns easier.

I got the Godfather DVD collection last Xmas. It's one of my favorites movies. I bought this book last month at Borders and I read it in one week. Great reading.

The book below is an original copy of the godfather. It was published by G.P. Putnam's Sons in 1969. I bought this copy 2-years ago at the library in a book sale for $1.00 and it has a special place in my home library.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Reversible Quilt And Pillows

My first sewing project for the New Year; A reversible quilt for Chase DeQuincy the youngest member in my family. Chase is 22 months old; last October his mom bought 3 yds of flannel with Chase's favorite characters- Sesame Street. She asked me to sew a blanket for his bed, I had a flannel with a sports theme in my stash that I bought 10-years ago to make PJ for my son who is now 17-years old. I finished the quilt the first week in February, and I completed the envelope pillows today. The size of the pillows are 18x18 Bamboo Pillow Form filled with 100% natural antibacterial Bamboo Fiber. I bought this particular type of pillow because Chase has allergies. Thank goodness for 50% coupons, it was half the cost.

Vogue Knitting Patterns

There are tons of beautiful patterns on sale and the pattern are downloaded to your computer. If your are interested visit Vogue Knitting

Thursday, February 3, 2011

January Recap

My co-worker introduced me to the Tudors a series that was on HBO. She loaned me the first and 2nd second season DVDs of the Tudors. On December 23 while I was preparing for Christmas Eve dinner I decided to watch the first season. I was hook and before New Year Eve I watched the 2nd season. I went to the library and found the 3rd season and I bought season 4. The story of Henry VIII was not unfamiliar because I saw the Boleyn Girls at the movie last year, and that was related to the life of Henry the VIII. After watching the DVD I wanted to know about Henry VIII. It gets better I found this book at Barnes & Noble bookstore
on January 17 and it took me 4-days to read it. Since then I read another book regarding the Dark Story of the King and Queens of England and I have one more book to read on the same subject, however I am taking a break.

So far February started off with a bang. I made a reversible quilt for the little member of the family, I am going to make a few pillow cases to match and I bought a Roxy dress form for a great price $225.00. I went to the showroom located in East Brunswick, NJ. The dress form I wanted cost around $1500.00, I can't remember the name at the moment, but the dress form is made to your specific body measurement. And as luck will have it, the company is located in the same town where I live.

I will post pictures of my new dressform when I put it together.