Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year-

Happy New Year, to everyone who visit my blog and take the time to read my post. May the new year bring you health, good fortune and happiness. Here is a photo I took last month while I was on vacation. I took the photo with friends and family, but I did not have their approval to post so I cropped the photo and I took them out. I am not going to do an end of the year post. Happy New Year, I will back next year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Cristmas and Happy New Year

To every who take the time to stop and read this blog and to all the wonderful people I'v met because of this wonderful art, Happy Holidays and & Happy New Year. I will be back next year. Until then enjoy the photo of my dining room table. As you can see christmas is my absolutely favorite holiday.

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