Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lunch Date and Crochet Project

Today hubby and I went to see Red Tail, if you have not seen the movie you are missing a treat. It was a great movie.

I started working on a crochet bag. This bag was popular in 2007, and I found the pattern here in 2007. I cannot remember the blog, however I know that blogger live in the middle east and she knit and crochet the most beautiful things by creating her own pattern. The bag measurement is 13-inches wide by 16 inches long. My bag is HUGE, so I checked the instruction and guess what I used a size 5 1/2 crochet needle instead of a size 4 crochet  needle. Oh well, I am going to start all over again. I was hoping to have it done by the end of January. Oh well I am going to start all over again with the correct size needle and hopefully in the next two weeks I will have a finished crochet bag.


Andrea said...

I'm glad to hear that the movie was fantastic. I have it on my list to go and see but I haven't been able to get there yet. I saw an interview on OWN with Oprah and George Lucas and it was fantastic. It made me want to see the movie even more.

I can't wait to see your finished crochet bag. I looked at the patter and it looks really pretty with the bobbles.

Sewingadicta said...

Wow! I'm really excited about this bag, I have seen many online, but your color is very interesting, looking foward ...

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