Sunday, April 22, 2012

Color Blocking - New Edition Concert and Migraine

Last night my dd, cousin and I went to see New Edition concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City. It was a beautiful day. I bought the tickets the first week of February and I tried to give my ticket away all last week because of migraine headaches for two weeks. I felt better yesterday so I went to the concert. The great part of going to the concert is that my daughter drove us into NYC. Just so that you can get an/>idea of what migraines will do to a person see the pic below
If you look closely at the picture below will be able to see the redness in my eyes.
The next pic was my interpretation of color blocking. I love the soft colors.
The jeans is Gloria Vanderbilt- Amanda- sweater- Daffy Dans.

Shoes- I bought the shoes in 2006, this was the second time that I wore these. I need to make a mental note to wear these more often.


Faye Lewis said...

You look real nice and pulled off a great color blocking outfit.

Monica D said...

Lovely color combo!

Jackie's Stitches said...

I have no idea what color blocking is other than it looks great on you! Hoping you are feeling much better by now...

Rosie said...

You look quite relaxed and I love the colors on you. I certainly hope you are feeling better.

Cennetta said...

Sorry to hear that you suffer with migraine headaches, but glad you were able to enjoy the concert.

BTW- love you soft colors.

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