Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Ms Faye presented me with the LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. Thank you Faye.

The reason for the award is to recognize and promote other blogs. I enjoy reading sewing blogs so it will be very easy for me to nominate other blogs for the awesome award.

CENNETTA- I have a followed this beautiful lady blog for probably five years. Her sewing skills gets better with every garment that she makes. The inside of her finished garment are absolutely beautiful. I also enjoy the recipes and craft project that she post on her blog.

TOY- I enjoy Toy's video post regarding pattern collection; she compares the pattern from the big 4, and at times shows how the pattern companies tweak the pattern and presented as though is was a new design. She used beautiful print fabrics to create awesome dresses.

MIMI- All I can say is to check her blog out. She is stylish, down to earth and kind. She shares sewing knowledge by posting great tutorials and most important she encourages beginner sewers to jump right into the sewing game by posting easy peasy tutorials.

ADRIENNE- I enjoy Adrienne's blog. My favorite post are the ones that includes recipes and sewing projects.

SHEILA - This one another one of my favorite blogs. Sheila sews timeless garments. Her style is classic, timeless with a twist of modern; one of my favorite garment that Sheila made was the matrix leather dress. In addition to sewing she makes pretty crochet sweaters, cards and other craft items.


Sheila said...

Awww Thank you. I must say that reading blogs, meeting in IRL, sharing & learning from all you sewist/crafters makes all possibilities..possible.

Cennetta said...

Thank you so much for the award. And please forgive me for not visiting sooner. Today I was determined to visit as many creative website as possible.

Again, I appreciate your kind gesture.

Happy Sewing!

M 8791 Childhood Friend Birthday Dress