Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Decor, DIY and Light Fixture vs Lemonade

Happy Sunday Everyone

I am getting my home ready for the holidays. This year's theme is "Nice, Quiet & Easy". I am taking a breakmy yearly holiday madnesssss. That means that I will only decorate one Xmas instead of 10 xmas tress.
 DIY project  red flowers centerpieces
 1. Five clear vases ( I bought the vases at AC-Moore two years ago using a 50% off coupon on each vase for a total of $7.50 per vase
 2. Flowers from the dollar store: Blood red, 2- Orange red, 2-Red, forr a total of $5.00
 3. Epsom salt- I had on hand
 4. Glitter crystals three bags (AC Moore) $10 per bag - 50% coupon off each bag for a total of $15.00
5. One large bag of cat litter.
Mix the glitter crystal with epsom salts- this gives you the best bang for your money.
Take the empty epsom salt boxes and cut  the top off- making sure it lines up with the rim of the vase
You can also use a 16oz yogurt container. Fill the container with cat litter and inster the flowers into the box of cat litter, arrange the flowers in a pleasing manner.Take the container of flowers and place it into the clear vase, add the crystal glitter epsom salt mix. And here is the final product

The last project I am going to share is my chandelier re-do. I sprayed the chandelier silver in 2007 and it was time for a make-over. I sprayed it cooper, once sprayed I did not like it so much so I use glitter blast ( its a spray) to give it some bling. Glitter blast is a bit expensive and I was not too happy with the results. Idecided to add wanted lamp shades,and after going to several stores I found shades prices from  $10.00- $50.00,  I need 10 lampshades. What is a decorator on a budget do? Well I had lampshades that I bought for $0.99 cents about fifteen years ago from the Rag Shop ( closed). After surfing Pininterest I found a great idea. Using scrapbooking paper to cover a small lamp shades and the rest is history. Here it is Lemonade and I love it!


Jackie's Stitches said...

I'd like to paint our dining room chandelier - my husband would rather buy a new one. You had such great results - I might give it a try!

Mariela Alethia said...

If you really like your chandelier, its worth giving it a makeover.

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