Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random Post & Updates

Where do I start?
I am getting my son ready for college; he will be leaving home next month.
My sewing laboratory looks like it was hit by a tornado; I am doing a bit of cleaning up.
I sewed a white cropped jacket, more about that later.
I have been working on muslin for the past few months, I am a slowwwww sewer and after speaking to Sheila I am not going to make any other muslin. I will tweak the fit as needed.
I started working on a quilt; more about that later.
Home dec projects, more about that later.
Holiday projects; more later

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back Home- After A Great Vacation

This was the front of the resort. Beautifullll!
Here I am. It was a beautiful day with no humidity.
Me, Mom and my sister. I made the maxi dress using mimi's tutorial.

My cousin and I. Another view of my maxi's dress. My cousin and I are
color coordinated, this was a coincidence.

Finding My Style