Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hello and Updates

My son moved into his college dorm on September 1, 2012. It was a happy and sad Labor Day weekend. I did not go with him, my DD and DH went and they came back home, I saw the sadness in their faces. My DH, DD and I spent the rest of the day feeling sad and really missing him.

My birthday was during the Labor Day Weekend. I sewed a sexy bold and pretty dress for my special day in anticipation of going on a boat ride to party hardy. Nope did not happen was not in the mood.

Went to dinner with DH on Sunday and I wore a dress that sat in my closet for the last two years because I needed to loose some weight. I did (10 pounds).

My plan is to loose another 10 pounds by September 2013 and start an exercise routine that will work for me.

The Christmas Quilt

August 19, 2012 September 16, 2012

Back In The Sewing Game

I bought the fabric last weekend. I bought five yards and used all of it, I was able to get three panels. One panel was cut in two and piece to the other two panels in order to create a wider piece of fabric. You can imagine that I had to cut and piece following the repeat of the fabric design. that took a bit more time to do and then the curtains are fully lined. I started sewing last night and the project was completed two hours ago. I pressed and hung the curtains up two hours ago. I love ittttttttt. As I said I am in the sewing game.