Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hello & Stash Busting Project (Faye’s Sew-A-Long)

Hello Oh my goodness it’s been over a month since I posted; however I have been busy with life, work, crocheting and my new favorite past time YOU-TUBE and PINTEREST.

Crochet The crochet skirt extravaganza took a toll on me. I lost myself in crochet world. I was working on my last crochet skirt and it was 75% done when I realized that it was lopsided. You see I was not crocheting in the round; instead I was crocheting from left to right and right to left. So my OCD kick in, I lose it all out and decided to start again. I will finish the skirt and probably post it in the fall. I was inspired by Ellie Saab spring 2013- royal blue. More in the fall.

Weather Here on the east coast winter and spring is having an all out war. And winter is winning so far. It has been very cold and miserable. The sun is shining, however, it’s windy and cold; perfect weather for a good dose of Bronchitis or Pneumonia.

Faye’s Sew-A-long I am participating in Faye’s Tops Sew Along.
1. I morph Cynthia Rowley S 1873 top with New Look 6808.
2. I did a muslin to check the fit. The blouse was too long. I am happy with the fit of the blouse-front. My short upper back caused the fabric to bunch up in that area. 2” was removed from the upper back to correct the excess fabric in the upper back and the length of the back pattern. 2” inches were removed from the length of the front pattern. ½” was added to the front and back side seams. I will not make a 2nd muslin. I will tweak the fit as I sew.
 3. Fabric- I choose cotton because it was in my stash and it was one of the fabrics recommended on the pattern envelope. The pattern does not indicate underlining; however I am thinking of adding an underlining to the fabric. Do you think its a good idea? 4. I am preparing the fabric- washing, drying and ironing. Also I am checking for notions (zipper, bias bindind, interfacing, etc)


Faye Lewis said...

So glad you joined! Nice blog refashion!

Lisa H. said...

Glad to see you are back.Thanks gfor posting the link for the "Elie Saab" collection. I can see why you are inspired. Can't wait to see your top,will it be your take on one of the "Elie" pieces?

BeckyMc said...

Underlining is a great idea if you need to change something about the fashion fabric. Is it too sheer? too limp? IF it has the correct body and drape, and it is not too sheer, then underlining is not needed. If you choose to underline, be sure to test the way your fashion fabric reacts to different underlinings. Combining different fabrics will change the way your fabric drapes and how it feels to wear. I am doing the Faye's Top sew along, too!

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