Friday, April 26, 2013

Project Runway- Stanley Hudson vs Michael Lesniak.

First, I want to congratulate Michael Lesniak Project Runway season 11 winner.
Yes, in the past I wrote that I was done with project runway and I did not watch the show for almost two seasons until now. I watched season 11 mainly because Michael Kors was not on the show this season. Jack Posen was one of the judges and he was awesome. He explained the reason behind his decision to yeh or ney a contestant. I was rooting for Stanley Hudson because he was quiet, fierce.His creations were beautiful and his sewing skills were impeccable. In the end I don’t what went wrong with Stanley. He was one of the designers that went to Lincoln Center and he was not ready. He came back to NY with unfinished garments, one hot mess. My heart went out to Stanley, something happened to him he was not the same person when he came back for the finale. I totally agreed with the judges this time. There were right on point, Michelle Lesniak collection was beautiful and I can relate to what inspired her to create her final collection. Stanley was the favorite, he appeared to be unbeatable, in the end Michelle step up to the plate and won. Congratulation to Michelle Lesniak, you won and your collection was beautiful

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lunch With The Divas- An Awesome Saturday

Yesterday I met the fabulous Sheila and Rosie. Sheila and I met in Manhattan, NY and later on we went to Rosie's home for lunch. Rosie is a fabulous cook, wonderful host and someone who is dear and special. In other words a sister and a friend. We ate, talk, laugh talk about everything sewing, including The Great British Sewing Bee. To top the evening off Sheila and I had the priveledge to sit and sew a bit on Rosie's master piece sewing maching.

Sorry guys I don't know what the pic is not straight

Below is a video of a sewing machine that I had the priveledge to touch, kiss and caress. Way to go Rosie, you and every other person who sews deserve to have a dream sewing machine, what ever that is for each one of us.

Here is the link to view the Ellisimo by BabyLock sewing machine.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Look 6808 (TNT) and The 2013 Essential Tops Sew-Along

This is the same pattern I used last year when I participanted in Faye's  Tops Sew Along. Last  year I made one blouse. However it was Faye who inspired me to stick with the pattern and workout the fitting issues. It was a slow process and along the way I receive lots of encouragement from Sheila and others. Below is the result. I am happpy with the results of my efforts and my productivity doubled since last year. .

P.S. I did not plan the outfit. I made the skirt during another one of Faye's great ideas " Skirt Palooza" last October. I choose the fabrics and after completing the blouses I realize that it was a perfect fit with the skirt.
My photographer took the pics with my I-Pad. It came out blurry because I have a plastic film over the screen which hubby did not bother to remove.
The pattern alteration was somewhat extensive and time consuming for me. I will write about it in another post. This is a TNT pattern for me, and yes Faye Tops Sew Along is over today, but for me I am just getting started, more blouses to come with bettern photos.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee

Yesterday I read Carolyn's post concerning the The Great British Sewing Bee.
I watched it on You Tube several times and I truly enjoyed it. The show's revolves around folks who sew at home. The first challenge was to sew a basic A-line skirt in three hours; The judges evaluated each of the contestants' garment  for techniques, fit, and creativity. The lesson I learned from that challenge is that it takes more than three hours to make a simple skirt not including lining the skirt and adding embellishments. Great show. Big shout out to Carolyn for posting regarding the The Great British Sewing Bee.

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