Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Look 6126- Not Your Standard PJ

I was inspired by Sheila's post last week. After talking to her I ran (LOL) and bought the pattern. I don't buy New Look patterns at JoAnns, I buy NL at Walmart because its a dollar cheeper than JoAnns. I made an exception and bought the pattern at JoAnns on Thursday after work. I've look at this pattern many times and kept it moving. Well, here is my version and this one is for my daughter. I cut it out on Friday, I sewed it today (Sunday) it's hot off the sewing machine. I just need to hem it.. Love it.  I  posted my review on pattern review website. Just what I needed to get my sewing mojo started.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

MIA( missing in action) and Hello

I hope everyone is enjoying the great weather here on the East Coast. In other parts of the country the weather is just awful. For all those affected by tornados, rain etc I pray for your safety and wellbeing.
We are six months into 2013, and before you know it, 2013 will be gone. I am enjoying reading blogs and keeping up with the blogosphere. I started working on a pattern, long story, more about that in my next post. In the meantime I leave you with a picture of me wearing a pant I sewed several years ago and that I was unable to wear due weight gain. I don’t remember the name or the number of the pattern.
More later

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