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Butterick 4518 and Sewing with a Plan (SWAP)

I posted about SWAP here in 2007.  Once l learn about SWAP  I attempted to sew a black & white a wardrobe following the concept. I sewed 3 of the 11-pieces, became bored, lost interest and moved on to another project. Although I was not successful with SWAP somehow I manage to have a work wardrobe (business/casual professional) that reflects the concept. Everything in my wardrobe has two or more partners, everything works with everything no matter what color and I always have something to wear.

Why am I revisiting the concept of SWAP? The colors in the skirt are my inspiration. What does B4518 has to do with my inspiration? I choose view B a simple top because I wanted my fabric choices to do all the work. Later…..

Craftsy Class Review- Custom Fitting Back, Neck and Shoulders

Happy Sunday

On the Sewing Horizon:
 1. I've been busy in the sewing laboratory doing sewing related activities, such as cleaning up, organizing, putting patterns away , buying fabrics, enjoying the sewing groups on Facebook, and keeping in touch with my sewing buddies. I met with Sharon last spring and we spent the day working on McCall's 6041 a princess seam jacket and OMG, making adjustment to the right side was a bit challenging for Sharon. That was when I realize that I in order to get a garment to fit me in a manner that is acceptable to me I need to take my time and work on it slowly. I am looking forward to hanging out with Sharon soon for a wonderful day of sewing, conversation, eating and drinking.

2. In the last two weeks instead of  spending time watching you tube and looking @ Pinterest in the evenings, I spent anywhere from 1/2- 2 hours each night and watched Custom Fitting Back, Neck and Shoulder on Craftsy. The class was excellent. Kathleen Cheetham was an exce…

Palazoo Pant, Labor Day

Happy Labor Day. Today I am relaxing after spending last night partying on a fabulous yacht with 600 other folks. I am wearing Palazzo pant that I sewed on Saturday night.  The inspiration for the pant came from Joni Marie Ross' Pre-Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection. and Nadira 037  tutorial on Palazzo pant. My dear and fearless friend the  Diva  suggested  that a write a post about the blouse.
The is aBasquiña is a white blouse. White is the traditional color. In the last 20-years theBasquiña has become modern and subject to so many interpretations. My blouse is a modern interpretation of the traditional Basquiña.. I purchase the blouse in 2011 and it fit perfectly in the bust, however the waist and hip was too tight.  I went to Jo-Ann and bought  laces from the bridal section and 1/2 yd of white cotton fabric. I cut the side seam open and added the white fabric and attach lace to the side seam to hide the seam lines. I also added lace to the top flounces. This was painstakingl…