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Customize Dress Form and TNT Dress Pattern

FYI- do not use old sheet, the weave it tight making it difficult to get pins to into the fabric and it wrinkles like hell, no amount of ironing takes the wrinkles out.

My DD belongs to an organization that wears white to their formal and semi-formal events. This organization has rules regarding the type and length of the garment that can be worn by the ladies. Three weeks ago she asked me to sew a dress with a jacket for an upcoming event. I decided to use a fitting pattern that I had in my collection B-6092. My goal was to work out her fitting issues in the muslin, make a customize dress form and have a basic TNT dress pattern for her.
I choose the size of the pattern based on the high bust measurement.I compared her measurements against the pattern measurements and I did the following changes to the pattern:
1.Decreased the shoulder length
2.Lowered the bust point
3.Lengthen the waist- this was done after the bust point length was adjusted
4.After comparing the slope of her shoulder and …