Friday, August 14, 2015

Circle Skirt

My love of skirts has been well documented on this blog.
This skirt was easy to sew. I did not use a pattern. I took one of the circle skirts that I made in 2007,  made a pattern by laying the skirt on muslin, traced around the perimeter of the skirt, added 1-inch seam allowance at the side seams, ½- inch- seam allowance at the waist and 2-inches at the hem. That was it.                      The back and the front of the skirt were identical. I added a side seam zipper. The skirt has a lining that was cut from the same skirt pattern with the same seam allowance; however the lining was sewn at ½-inch and it was attached at the waist.                                                         
The skirt hem; my original plan was to do a 2-inch hem. That did not work out because the hem stood away from the skirt. Instead I did a basting stitch one-inch from the edge of the hem, turned it under and top stitch. Perfecttttt! After I made the skirt I was unsure about the color of the blouse or shirt to wear with the skirt. Well when you own a well-rounded wardrobe you never have to worry about matching anything all you have to do is walk into your closet and wallahhhh! I found the grey blouse and the shoes this morning as I was looking through my closet.  This is what I wore today. The photos were taken after a long stressful day at work. No worries I got so many complements at work today, it made my day!  Later.


Sheila said...

Lovely outfit and can see many more in your future.

Bonnie @ said...

Beautiful skirt. Very flattering. I love your choice of fabric!

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Mariela Alethia said...

Thank you Sheila. I am hoping to make three more skirts before the end of the summer.

Mariela Alethia said...

Thank you Bonnie. I love the fabric tooooooo!

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