Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sew- Alongs, Lessons Learned - The Amazing Coat-Sew-Along

In the last nine years I’ve joined two or three sew-along and failed at each one. When I read about a sew-along my anxiety level goes from 0-10, until, Faye had the Carnival of Skirts Sew-Along. Of course I jumped on the skirt bandwagon because skirts are my favorite garment to sew. That was my first successful sew-a-long.
The reason for my success:
1.I use a TNT skirt pattern that I’ve used countless time and sewn it in all type of fabrics
2.During the sew-a-long, I devised plan and dedicated ½ - 1 hour sewing time

 Here is why I failed in the other sew-a-longs:
1.I joined the sew-along without considering the time it would require, the type of garment(s), and my level of sewing.
2. The choice of patterns- I choose patterns that I did not work with before. This caused me to spend too much time fitting and altering the pattern. Lesson learned: choose a pattern that you have worked with before, maybe a TNT pattern. In fact I believe TNT pattern(s) should be the pattern(s) of choice.

For the last two winters my sewing sister shared her love of coats. My sister has a wonderful collection of fabulous coats including the ones she made. I’ve never given my coats a second look, I own maybe one heavy winter coat, two light coats for fall and spring and that’s it.  The idea of making a coat and updating my coat closet has been on my mind for a while. And here come Erica  with the Amazing Coat Sew-Along. When I first read about the sew-along and I decided that I would stand on sidelines and cheer everyone else on. Once Erica started the daily post I started to move from the sidelines to getting in line. What made me leave the sidelines and get on the bandwagon?                   1. You get to choose the pattern. I choose a very simple pattern. Straight stich sewing. This is the first time I am sewing a coat and I want it simple. Alterations and fitting will be kept to a minimal, my first goal is to have a wearable coat. The second goal is to use my very, very, and very extensive stash. I have interlining, lining, shoulder pads, etc. The long term goal is for my chosen pattern to become a TNT pattern.                                                                                                           2. This post took me from the sidelines onto the bandwagon. The first paragraph was the deal maker for me: “When I start to think about what pattern I want to use to make a coat, I first think of the need it will fill in my wardrobe. Will this coat be a necessity? Will this coat be a classic coat that I plan on wearing for many years to come? Or will this be a trendy coat in a fun color or print? Also, other variables I must take into consideration? When will I wear it? And does it really meet the standards of my lifestyle and climate?” Next pattern and fabric.


Sheila said...

Will cheer you on from the sidelines. .. looking forward to your coat... have fun !

Mariela Alethia said...

Sheila, thanks.

Jackie's Stitches said...

Cheering you on! Do show your process along the way too!

Mariela Alethia said...

Thank you Jackie. Yes, I will on the blog my process along the way.

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