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Sewing Books, A.K.A Bibles

I was inspired by Myra  and Alethia  to write this post.   Alethia did a Periscope concerning the role of sewing books, magazines etc. to helps us improve our sewing skills. Unfortunately, the scope only last for 24-hours and then is gone.

 Last weekend I dusted and reorganized a small collection of books I keep in my sewing nook (more about the nook in another post). I own a large collection of sewing books (hard-copy and digital).  The majority of the books are kept in the sewing laboratory located in the basement. The sewing bibles are kept in the sewing nook and they date from 1947- 1953. These are the hard cover books. In another post I will share information concerning the digital sewing books.

This is the list of the book I called my sewing bibles are:
 1. Vogue Sewing Books, I have the original edition that was printed in 1970 with the orange sleeve, the 2nd edition revised in 1976 and the 3rd that was revised 1982. Of the three Vogue books I prefer the 1970 and 1982 editio…