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TNT-Butterick 5941- Take II

This is the second version of B-5941. I wrote a post here concerning this B-5941; this is my second version. I wore the pants with the top to work and it was comfortable to work, easy to get on and off. After a 13-hour day the pants was tooo big in the hip, so I will remove a total of 2-inches from the side seam. Fabric: the fabric was a two-way stretch that was in my stash. Construction details can be read in my previous post here. Alterations: 1.2-inches total will be removed from the hip tapering to nothing at the knee. 2.½ will be remove from the crotch depth 3.I will create two copies of the pattern; one for a 4-way stretch fabric, and a second for a 2-way stretch fabric. This may seem like too much work, however, for me and the way my brain function it's perfect.