Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Planner

I’ve had a planner in one form or another since first grade. In 2014 I found on You Tube a 3-part tutorial by Pocketfulof Vintage regarding how to create a journal/planner using a composition notebook book. In fact, I remember watching the video after Christmas and New Year’s Eve I set up my 2015 planner using a composition  notebook book. It was one of my best planners because I used it consistently throughout the year until after Thanksgiving of 2015. 
Of course, once you get involved with the planner world, you become addicted to stickers and all the paraphernalia that is available for planners today.
 In March of 2016, I was gifted two full boxes of 12x12 acid free paper that was being thrown out; I switch from a composition note book planner to a three-ring binder and the paper was reduce from 12x12 to 10x10. I went bananas buying stickers and scrapbook papers to decorate my planner. At the end of 2016, I decided to use 8.5 x 11 paper in my 2017 planner.
There are so many planner videos on You Tube and I am inspired by all of them. There is always something to learn and I appreciate all the You Tubers who take the time to make the videos.
Below are three planner videos that inspired me:
1 The first one was by Paloma  where she demonstrated how to make a protective cover for the planner using the Dollar Store chopping mat.
2  The second video was by Miriamhow to use old magazine pages in your journal and how the layout of the pages can be used in a junk journal.

3   The third video was by Garnet Boricua), she decorates her planner using scrapbook paper.  
This year I did not decorate the monthly pages, instead I chose to do a weekly spread. My planner has evolved into a scrapbook, an album, and a journal. I am much more productive when I use my planner because it helps me prioritize what is important and how to use my time wisely. 


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Pretty layout.

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