Monday, November 6, 2017

Where have I been? Life Happen, We Must Go On and Anita’s Post

Where have I been since my last post?  Dealing with life, family health issues, death and grief. That sums it up short and sweet.

For the last 15-years I was the primary caretaker for my mother and she passed away in June due to years of chronic health issues.  A month later in July my sister passed away.

 My family and I are devastated. I kept asking the Almighty why? Why he chose my family? Why he took them away without my consent?  It annoyed when anyone tried to tell me he knows best. I was angry because I accepted my mom’s passing, he prepared me.  However, he did not consult with me regarding my sister. Yes, I am angry at life because it’s not fair.

Why did he choose to take my sister so soon without preparing her children, grandchildren, family, and  friend etc.  
Why he chose my family instead of another family? 
Why he would not take away the pain and grief ? And how much longer my family and I must suffer with this pain and grief? And then, I read Anita’s post this morning.

Her words inspired me to stop questioning the Almighty because he knows best.
The written words in her post gave me hope and made me accept that my mom and my sister are no longer here and that my family and I must go on.

Anita’s faith propelled me to write this post, because I was inspired by her strength. I know how much it took out of her to write such a compelling post and I also know what she is going through.
May God continue to bless her and her family, give them the strength to travel the rough road ahead, pave the road that so it may only look rough but its surface is smooth. With all of us who are praying for Cemo and his family, mountains can be move.  

Thanks Anita

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