Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year, Good Riddance 2017.

Happy New Year. I hope everyone had a great holiday with families and friends. For those who had a tough time during the holiday, I hope you found support and comfort to get you through the holidays.
2017 Year End Review:
2017 was a rough year for me. I blogged about it here.
My absolute favorite time of the year is Christmas.
Let's look at 2017
Craft projects I did in December
I saw a tutorial on You Tube by the Magnolia Wife; the pics below were the results. I used Xmas gift bags to achieve the results. I also posted about another project using the same tutorial here

I'm not sure if you can see the glitter on tray in the picture below. It was an inexpensive tray that I bought at AC Moore. I painted the images with glitter glue and added glitter dust (very fine translucent glitter) and the result was beautiful. Can you guess my holiday color theme? BLUEEEEE! I've done blue since 2014 and this year was the last year. I really love this color!

The Nativity Scene

The scene came painted, I re-painted each ceramic piece to suit my liking and decor. I painted the faces, and hands. Added vivid colors to some of the clothing, e.g the purple robe, copper metallic paint was added to Joseph's inner robe and baby Jesus blanket was painted a vibrant blue.
These are large ceramic pieces that takes time to paint. I will continue to tweak the colors until I am satisfied.

I posted about this outfit here

I posted about it here

As you know I love planners. I have been using consistently a planner ( journal, scrapbook, glue book)  since 1986. I've posted on this blog and on Facebook regarding my planner spread.

As they say "save the best for last"
My TNT pants
This was a major, major accomplishment for me.

January 2018 has arrived.
I don’t have sewing plans for 2018; however, there are two specific sewing related things that I am going to do this year:
1. I must make a gown for my daughter to wear to a formal event in May. More about that later.
2    2. Sew, donate or trash all UFO. No more UFOs in my sewing space.      

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