Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Two Half Circle Skirts ( # 2018 Make 9 and # 2018 Sew 9)


The second week in January my DD asked me to sew a white circle skirt for her. She gave me two-week's notice and specific instructions about the length of the skirt.
I had a TNT pattern for a flared skirt I’ve sewn many times for her; I though it will be easy to alter. I altered the pattern and cut the fabric. Disaster, 4 of the 10 yd of white fabric I had in my stash was thrown in the trash.
I recut the skirt and altered the circular waist to ????  who knows what the heck I was thinking, another 4 yds. of white fabric was wasted.

I went to  Pinterest and found the instruction for a halfcircleskirt 
I followed the instructions (or so I though) and of course this time I made a muslin only to realize that I did not followed the instructions and created a quarter circle skirt if there is such a thing? Wasted another 3 yds. of muslin fabric.

I threw the fabric in the trash and walked away.  After a good night sleep I took another look at the pattern and I saw my error. I added paper to the exiting pattern and completed the circle.  Unfortunately, I only had 2 yds. of white fabric in my stash. I search high and low because I really did not want to buy fabrics.  I made a run to Joann for fabric. Luckily, I found the same type of fabric and it was on sale for 30% off plus an additional 20 % of your total purchase. I purchase 10-yds. enough to make 2-skirts and a jacket.
I tissue fitted the paper pattern on my DD because after the shenanigans I was not about to make another muslin; the fit was perfect. Within an hour I cut and sewed the skirt added elastic to the waist and hung it up for 48 hours. The next day I cut and sewed the second skirt and hung it up. My DD had a change in the date, so that gave another week to work on the skirts. This morning I realize that skirt were hung up 6- days ago and I decided to complete the skirts today. 

The most time consuming part of making the skirts were the bias hems:
1. the hems were recut and serge.
2. I  machine basted a running stitch the depth of the hems; this made it easier to turn under the hem
3. because the hems were on the bias I did a second basting stitch near the hems; this allowed me to pull the thread and press the extra ease flat
4. lastly, the hems were press under, the extra ease were press flat and I hemmed the skirts by hand while I listened to my favorite playlist on Spotify until I was done.


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