Sunday, February 18, 2018

Crochet Vest- UFO #1

In the fall of 2014 I bought this magazine because there was a pattern of vest that I like and I though it was easy to crochet.
Below is the photo of the vest in the magazine

Here is the vest that I started fall 2014. I completed the back and one of the front panel. By then I realize that it was too long and way to big. So I became disappointing and threw it in the UFOs pile.

 I spent the last few days watching Yarn Substitution Made Easy on Craftsy, and depending on the subject I found additional information on YouTube.
I've learned a lot about working with yarns and when and how to substitute. I also learned about gauge and how to make a pattern work for me using my gauge instead of the pattern gauge.

My vest  failed to the following reasons:
1. I substituted a light weight yarn for a heavier cotton yarn. This lead to a bigger and heavier garment instead of light weight garment.
2. I did not understand the importance of gauge
3. My stitches were inconsistent throughout the project.
I have been crocheting for over 30-years,and I never paid attention to gauge because I knew how to work with acrylic yarns. Unfortunately I can no longer work with acrylic yarns, wool, angora, cashmere. So, I now have to learn how to work with cotton in all its varieties, bamboo, silk, etc.

As for this project, I will not discard it, I will wash it and rewind the thread, and I will use it to crochet hats. I made a collection of hat using this same thread in 2015 and I am still wearing those hats. I love them. So hats it is.


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