Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Planner Layout/ Ideals Magazines/ Barnes & Noble

Once a year I enjoy going to Barnes & Noble and spending time in the Annex section of the store. Not all Barnes & Noble have an Annex.   The Annex have  all kind of old books, magazines, cds, old vinyl records, art and books about any subject for cheap.

There is a perpetual sale of red, blue, green and yellow stickers. Depending on the stickers the books can cost from $1.00 to $100.00 or more. 2-years ago I found Ideals Magazines for $1.00 each and I bought all the magazines (10).

The magazines were from the 1960's; they had beautiful images, poems, a bit of history (Legendary Americans), recipes,crafts etc.   After reading the magazines from cover to cover I did a bit of research and I learned that Ideals Magazines were published from 1944 until 1967; I spent time reading each magazine from cover to cover and decided to use it to decorate my planner instead of keeping them in a bookshelf. I also bought a few more copies on E-Bay.

 I got the idea to use magazines, old books, calendars to decorate my planner or to use in journals ( sewing, writing, health journal, fashion, etc) after watching a few videos by this You Tuber.

I wanted a break from all the stickers and the washi tape in my planner, and yes it is a lot of fun to purchase them, however, there is a big expense associated with constantly buying washi and stickers and decorating my planner began to take up too much of my time and eventually I lost interest. I took a break and did not decorate my planner in 2016 for a 2-3 months. And oh what a relief it was.

When I began to decorate my planner again I used the pages of Ideals magazine and it only took 10-15 minutes, sometimes 10 minutes and it was done-dot-com.

It has been 2-years since I bought washi or stickers because I have a large collection and I also use magazines pages, scrapbook paper and wrapping papers that I already have in my craft arsenal. Also, I saw a You Tuber make washi tape out of fabric scraps and guess what I did a big portion of my fabric scraps.

 I don't pay full price for magazines or book (old ones), I get them free at the doctor's office or I buy books from the the library during the bi-annual book sale and the price range from 0.25 cents to 1.00. Additionally, my local library sell books and magazines all year for 0.25-0.50 cents.
You can also go online and google free magazines and you will be surprise to see how many magazines you can get for free. Oh this is not my idea, I got the information from this You Tuber.


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