Monday, June 25, 2018

Blouse- Inspired by Pinterest, Karina, Scarfs, and Fabric Scraps.

Have you ever sewed the sleeve to the neckline? No, well let me tell you how I manage to do exactly that!

I’ve inherited a large collection of scarfs from my mother and sister. Additionally, I have large pieces of fabric scraps from past projects that are not big enough to make anything but too large to throw away. What do I with them?

I was inspired by Karina from lifting pins & needles on You Tube. She makes good use of fabrics scraps and small pieces. She sewed so many blouses by adding small pieces of fabrics to the top of the blouse and  a neutral color to the bottom portion of the blouse.
 Then I saw this on Pinterest,
and I knew that this pattern was the perfect for me to use the scarfs and scraps of fabrics. I followed the instructions and drew out the pattern. I cut a muslin out and realize that the blouse was too big. I went to Burda's website and I compared the European size chart vs the American size chart. A size 44 was equal to a size 20-22 in American size. 
The error was mine, I did not pay attention to the size prior to recreating the pattern.   I tried to remove the excess but it did not work out.
I had B- 6132 in my stash; I cut the pattern out, made a muslin and  made some adjustments. I cut the fashion fabric and the garment was almost complete. Until, my brother came into my sewing nook and began a conversation. The next thing I know, I sewed the sleeves to the neckline.

 I was so annoyed, my brother made a quick exit and I posted a big sign in bold red letters at the entrance of the sewing nook “SEWING IN PROGRESS, IF YOU ENTER WHEN SEWING IS IN PROGRESS YOU MAY BE ATTACK BY PINS, NEEDLES AND SCISSORS.”


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