Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Finding My Style

Finding My Style
I am a multicrafter with many interests. Among them are EnMasse (glue book) and junk journaling. I enjoy videos on You Tubers in particular The ReBookery channel and ShannonGreen .
The ReBookery channel did a video on finding your style. In the video she reviewed her junk journals and she spoke about the common threads among all of them. Included in her review was the theme, the colors she gravitated to, and her style of journaling.
Shannon Green did a video regarding how to start a glue book (EnMasse). After watching many videos on the subject, I started a glue book last October. Of course, I did not follow the format that Shannon specified, I went rouge and did my own thing. In the beginning I collected fashion magazines from the doctor’s office or library. Eventually, I realize that the glue book was limited to fashion, shoes, bags, etc. and it did not reflect most of what I was interested in.
Luckily, I received a large donation of non-fashion magazines. The glue book was transformed into this multisubject book.  I expanded into arts, and other subject including collecting children books.
What did the glue book say about finding my style and the common threads in my glue book? It revealed the following:
1.     I like simple styles in vibrant colors such as oranges, lime green, pink, blues and yellow.
2.     I like basic pieces in black & white, navy blue, bottle green dark beige and brown. Black and white is my all-time favorite colors, however, I was taken back by all the shades of blue, dark green, dark beige and browns I collected and love.
3.     The art images reflect that I’ve gravitated to dark colors such as eggplant & plums, wines, dark grey, dark green, mustard, chocolate brown and black/blue navy. I really love those colors. This is new to me because I don’t have those colors in my wardrobe, I’ve always stayed away from earth tones and dark colors. I am looking forward to adding bits of those colors to my existing wardrobe.
4.   Validated my absolute love for accessories especially costume jewelry, broaches, thick necklaces and bangles. I have a large collection of broaches, necklaces and bangles and I don't use often. It is time to change that and utilize my accessories more often 
5.   Validated my love of pocketbooks and clutches. I have been using the same pocketbook for the last year, it is time to change out to another bag.
6.    I am attracted to the style of some rappers and hip-hop artist. Their color combination is interesting and if you really study their garments it may be surprising to see one or two element that you can incorporate into your wardrobe.
7.   Validated my love of the 1950s and 1960’style. My mom was my fashion icon. She wore beautiful form fitting dresses and pencil skirts. The more I think about her style, I realize that her dresses were all the same exact style, it was her choice of color and fabric that made them beautiful. Of course, all my mom clothes were sewn by a dressmaker. I own a large collection of vintage patterns that I bought over a period of ten years from eBay, garage sale, etc. I will like to add some 1950s and 1960s style to wardrobe with a modern twist.
8.    It provided tons of ideas to change the d├ęcor of my home using accessories and colors. This is so me because I love home dec projects
9.    My glue book sits on my coffee table as a coffee table book. I am thinking of starting two or three more and work on them concurrently
10.  Last, but not lease I found my sewing mojo
As I get older I realize I like to re-fresh and/or change my style to suit the changes in my life and the changes in my body. I tend to add or delete certain silhouette or type of garment from my wardrobe. The one constant that has never change is my love for 1950s-1960s fashion and I have had a love affair with this style from the age of 6 or 7. 

You make be asking yourself what a glue book and junk journal has to do with finding your style. Well, try using an old magazine to glue images from magazines, art books, and newspapers, that appeal to your taste. When the book is filled look at everything you collected, and you may find your style and discover a few things about yourself and your style that may have been eluding you.


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