Saturday, July 7, 2018

Inspiration vs Intrepetation

I saw this skirt on Pinterest in January and I fell in love with the fabric.
I followed the link and found the fabric here.  Here is my version
I bought 2.5 yd to make a maxi skirt, however, once the fabric arrived, I was a bit overwhelmed by the pattern and I decided to make a shorter version. The fabric is a cotton knit (50% cotton and 5% spandex) and it's soft with a nice drape.

The pattern is a simple square using my hips measurement and the desired length; I drew it out on craft paper and I used it to make all my elastic waist skirts with one seam or two.

The skirt only has one seam, you can find lots of tutorials on You tube. I sewed the skirt up in June and it sat on the cutting table waiting for a lining. I wanted a t-shirt weight knit in white. For some strange reason I cannot find that particular fabric in white. 

I was talking to my sewing sister Sheila about not finding lightweight knit lining fabric in white. Of course if you know my sewing sister she plays by her rules when it comes to sewing. During our conversation the light-bulb came on; line the skirt with what you have and be done with it. That is exactly what I did, I lined the skirt with a sheer black knit fabric and now I have a pretty skirt to wear next week.


Update: the fabric was from Simple Simon & Company and there is a free PDF pattern here

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