Saturday, September 15, 2018

Fabric and Patterns

Next week Vogue patterns go on sale for 5.99 at JoAnn. The patterns went from 3.99, 4.99 and 5.99 effective September 23.  I don’t like the fact JoAnn, or the pattern company is slowly raising the prices of the big four patterns. Two weeks ago, McCall’s patterns were half price. The patterns were not 1.99 or five for 10.00, they were half price? What does that mean?   

When Vogue patterns went from 3.99 to 4.99 it made me pause, and as a result I started my secret revolt. I decided not to buy Vogue patterns for six months. At the end of six months I decided to limit my purchase to 4 pattern per sale. In the last 3-years I’ve purchase maybe 5.
The increased in the price of Vogue patterns came at a time when I began to evaluate:
a)     My humongous collection of patterns and fabrics
b)      The fact that I was spending lots of money on fabrics and patterns
c)      I was not sewing consistently
d)      And I was overwhelmed and stressed by the humongous amount of sewing related stuff I owned.

I don’t care how much JoAnn raised the price of their patterns; I’ve taken control of my pattern stash including but not limited to the big four, Burda, new look, European patterns, Lutterloh patterns  and tons of free patterns I got from the internet and Pinterest.

Does it mean that I will never buy a pattern again? Absolutely NOT. It means that I won’t shop willy-nilly and I’ve taken control of my pattern and fabric stash.

For the newbies, I recommend investing in:
a)       Basic patterns and that can be franken pattern into other designs to save money.
b)      Check Pinterest and the internet for free patterns.
c)      Keep in mind that sewing takes patience and time.

I started my journey three years ago and I reduced my spending from 100% to 10%.   I am proud to say that as of this month (September) I’m still spending less than 10%.

For additional chatter regarding the increase in the price of patterns at JoAnn check here at the pattern review website.

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