Thursday, February 27, 2020

Simplicity 8738

Hello, it has been a minute since my last post. All is well and 2019 is a blur, it flew by and before I knew what hit me, here we are in 2020.

This year I am creating systems that will allow me to sew consistently. I need to revamp my winter wardrobe, because it's 10-15 years old and it is in need of a makeover.

Here is the first garment of 2020. I wanted something that was an easy sew, without any fitting or fussing.  I watched Anita and Britney J's videos tutorial.

Fabric: the fabric I used was a stable winter white knit with stretch. Although the fabric met the stretch guideline, after I sewed the top,  the medium collar did not have enough stretch for me to get the garment over my head. I recut a size large collar in order to get the required stretch.
Skirt: I used my TNT skirt pattern. After I sewed the skirt and tried it on, it was too big, so I took in  two inches at the waist and four inches at the hip. I altered the pattern to reflect the change in measurements. Later.....

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