Saturday, June 6, 2020



Last night I had a great conversation with my sewing sister. She is not only my sewing sister, she is a friend. We spoke about the turbulent times our country is facing. She and I have different views regarding our country state of affairs. In fact, I will say we are polar opposites.

The beauty of our relationship is that even though we have different views, we remain respectful of each other opinions because we have a common thread; We are crafters.  

We met 8-9 years ago at a sewing meet up and became partners in sewing crime. Sewing allowed us to know each other on a personal level. And because of that common thread we are able to be honest with each other and find a common ground; she accepts my point of view and I accept hers.

Folks at the end of the day that is what is all about. Coexisting in a world where people have different views and all of us are treated in the same manner.

Early this morning I was watching a floss tube video and the floss-tuber showed a free pattern that is posted on Arlene Cohen’s website  Works by ABC by Arlene Cohen .
The photo above belongs to Arlene; she wrote a great post that provided important information. Please take a minute to visit her site. Thanks Arlene.
Disclaimer: I do not know Arlene and I am not getting paid to promote her site.

There are so many bloggers and vloggers expressing their feelings and providing great information for everyone to read and become educated on the subject. Please read Vanessa's post. Thanks Vanessa.


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